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Education:  MFA in painting, Pratt Institute

            BFA in painting, Pratt Institute

I love the thrill of creating, and maybe tellingly, creating my own environments with total autonomy. I am directing all the characters in my universe, whether a character is a pencil line, piece of thread, or a mark of raw umber. How do they interact, do they love each other or resist, can they handle a third element, and how does that change the dynamic in their space, can they stay? And most importantly, how can they become more than their parts and take on meaning to transcend their object-ness?

These pieces come out of a loose series of small scale works on paper. The non-objective compositions use color, form, and texture as the subject, adding elements on to the flat surface to reduce or heighten the tension between objects in the space. I am hoping to create a conversation between elements as they respond and react to each other. The small scale adds to the interaction, as it asks the viewer to lean into, and join, the conversation.

Inquiries for details and pricing, contact me at:

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